Our company profile
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Developing long-term sustainable
relationships with both our clients and

Ash Brook Commercial Properties is a niche commercial property group, specialising in the office space and industrial industries for sales, leasing and development. In addition to this, Ash Brook Commercial Properties offers research capabilities in order to give our business property clients the best market information available to make sound property decisions.

At Ash Brook, we take pride in offering our clients prompt and valued service, as well as finding the best tailored solutions to our clients’ needs.

Our key Client Value Proposition lies in our end-to-end approach to creating solutions at each point of our client’s value chain, whether it’s a turn-key solution, or something specialised.

By continuously setting benchmarks for leading complex investment deals, facilitating beneficial contractual negotiations, and developing long-term sustainable relationships with both our clients and landlords, we endeavour to create and uphold best practice standards within the Commercial and Business property industry.

To date we have concluded a number of successful deals with reputable companies (some shown below) through our quality based service offering.

Our Clients
Ash Brook is proud to be the property partners
of some of South Africa’s finest companies.